About Private Client Pages

Client pages utilize private directory tree and web page URLs
known and accessible to only clients and their production teams.
Online access provides convenient, private, and secure pages
with links to download large media files, invoices, and rights releases.
Your production team does not need to shuffle files, just resource addresses.


Submission thumbnails, communication copies, and media file download links
are typically posted online in web pages built for client convenience.  Sample follows:

Here is the hi-res link
to the submission you choose:
DOWNLOAD = 3.650 MB image: ../jqjacobs_2099.jpg

Invoice & rights release: Rich Text File (sample)

February 01, 2010
From: .... editor....
To: jqjacobs....

Hello James,

The author selected one of your submissions. I'm purchasing rights to the hi-res file of photo ...2099.jpg for the following textbook:

Author: xxx
Title: World Archaeology
Publisher: ABC Educational
ISBN: xxx
... Print run: 200,000
Use: inside, color, 1/2 page, full-page width
Rights: US Extended English, with permission including all print and electronic media supporting the parent textbook.

We had no problem downloading the hi-res image. I e-mailed the private URL to our billing department and our permissions coordinator.  Payment will arrive on publication.

Thank you!


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